We're friends now, call me Amy.



OK, so actually, I'm Amelia; that’s what it says on the masthead above and that was the name my parents gave me at birth.

Fun fact: I was little Zachary William with the green nursery until the very minute I was born. As a matter of fact, as the story goes, my mom talked my dad down from Zachariah to Zachary while she was in labor. But when I finally arrived in this world just 4 days shy of Halloween, to Scott and Nancy’s complete surprise, turns out I was a girl.  So they decided to quickly change course, albeit quite masterfully, to come up with something more fitting for this pioneering little daughter they now had.  Truthfully, I would have been just fine being a girl named Zach, but they didn’t ask me.

So, Amelia Elizabeth it was.*

Now, don’t get me wrong, my given name is lovely. However, it’s one of those things that when addressed to me, automatically triggers immediate thoughts of unsolicited phone calls from mayoral campaigns, emails from wealthy Nigerian princes and of course my own childhood wrong-doing.  I can hear my mother’s voice now, “Amelia Elizabeth Soper, this room is NOT clean.”

So, for the sake of our new and budding, yet soon-to-be amazing, friendship … Please, just call me Amy.

OK, so now that we have that out of the way, there’s a little something else you should know about me. You see, while I consider myself a pretty independent person, I’ve always been that girl who absolutely hates being left out of a good time.

I may not be a skier, but if there’s a trip planned you’d better believe I’ll be there to drink hot toddies in the lodge until you get back. I mean, I’m certainly not about to miss out on a ridiculously fun skiing weekend just because I don’t ski, you know?

Weddings are sort of an extension of that for me. I want to be there to capture every bit of the fun, excitement and overwhelming, heartfelt joy.  I work hard to get to know my clients, expecting that by the time your wedding day rolls around, you’ll consider me a friend.  You’ll know me and I’ll know you and when I show up on the big day you’re both simply going to think… Hey, my friend Amy’s here.  Awesome!

Because the truth is this:

It’s much easier to relax in front of a camera when you know there’s a friend you trust behind it.

*Second fun fact: my middle name is also my oldest cousin’s middle name who was born just 9 months before me. Apparently their creativity was tapped out coming up with Amelia. Not that I can blame them, I mean who can think clearly with a wailing newborn?

Oh, and green is still my favorite color. So that worked out OK.